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How To Store Your Coffee Beans At Home

How To Store Your Coffee Beans At Home

Hey there, coffee aficionados! Ready to unlock the key to brewing and maintaining your best home brews? So you finally got your hands on some fresh specialty coffee beans! Now, we need to ensure we are storing our coffee correctly to maintain freshness and maximise flavour extraction.

Firstly, to ensure we store our Altura Coffee correctly, we must understand the key environmental elements that cause our coffee beans to loose their flavour or become stale and old! Avoid these 4 elements to ensure your Altura Coffee beans remain at their peak:

  • Heat: Heat will speed up the rate at which coffee beans lose their flavour. This is why it's important to store coffee beans in a cool, dark place. Try to avoid keeping your beans in a hot kitchen, on top of your coffee machine or near fridge motors etc.
  • Oxygen: Coffee beans are a natural product and, as such, they are affected by oxidation. Oxidation causes the coffee beans to lose their flavour and aroma. Avoid coffee beans being exposed to oxygen, this is crucial!
  • Light: Prolonged exposure to light will also cause your coffee beans to deteriorate at a much faster rate by breaking down the chemical compounds within our beans. Try to avoid keeping your coffee beans in sunlight or by the window seal etc. Always aim for a cool/dark place free of light.
  • Moisture: Coffee is hygroscopic, meaning coffee beans absorb moisture. It can also absorb odors and flavors carried by that water, a key element to avoid to stop your coffees flavour profile being altered and diminishing the freshness of your coffee.
  • How Long Do Roasted Coffee Beans Last?

    Coffee, unlike food products, will always be safe to consume. However, that does not mean it will produce a great coffee and our coffee extraction and flavour notes will diminish the older it gets. We recommend consuming your Altura Coffee beans within 2-4 weeks from date of roast, to ensure you are unlocking all the flavours and hitting the coffees peak window of flavour.

    Proper Packaging & Correct Coffee Storage

    Our Altura Coffee bags are fitted with a one-way valve. After roasting, coffee begins to de-gass and emit a number of gasses, such as carbon dioxide. This happens primarily in the first three to five days after roast. The one-way valve allows the carbon dioxide to be release from the coffee without building up and bursting the seal, which would allow oxygen in. Always ensure to leave your bag air tight, in a cool dark place; preferably in a container sealed from moisture and further protection from oxygen.

    Can I Store My Coffee In A Container Or Canister?

    Yes! In fact, its a great habit to get into. While a regular container that prevents excess moisture or oxygen from getting to your coffee beans will suffice. We recommend looking into an air tight container to keep your coffee at its optimum level. Coffee containers such as, the Airscape Coffee canisters, are a great investment and provide a further level of protection. Airscape technology seals your stored products in a tight, oxygen-free container. To activate the two-way valve and drive out air from within, press down on the patented plunger lid, then flip the handle to lock it all away – allowing you an increased shelf life that will keep your coffee fresher for longer!

    Can I Store My Coffee In The Fridge?

    No! Fridges are highly humid, thus causing the coffee beans to draw in all that moisture. Not to mention, all the aromas and flavours of other food or contents of the fridge! No thank you!

    Can I Store My Coffee In The Freezer?

    A much debated topic, but the short answer is yes. However a few crucial factors to consider before keeping your coffee in the freezer!

    Please sure to place your coffee in an airtight container first to protect the beans from moisture and other aromas. Upon removal, always allow the coffee beans to reach room temperature before extracting them or brewing.

    Tips For Keeping Coffee Beans Fresh!

    With all that said, one of the best practices you should get in the habit of, is buying freshly roasted specialty coffee beans. Try to avoid purchasing coffee beans from the supermarket, as usually by the time you take it home and are ready to brew, you may be well past your key roast dates to ensure ideal flavour and extraction. Always check roast dates when purchasing your beans!

    Purchasing your coffee beans in a smaller volume and more frequently, rather than in large volumes, is also a great idea to ensure you are drinking your coffee within its optimal roast date and age.

    Coffee Subscriptions & Coffee Roast Date

    Purchasing your coffee beans in a smaller volume and more frequently, rather than in large volumes, is also a great idea to ensure you are drinking your coffee within its optimal roast date and age.

    Altura Coffee offers our Coffee Subscription feature available on any of our Altura Coffee blends or Single Origins! Choose your frequency, and always ensure your receive freshly roasted specialty coffee to your door!

    Happy Brewing!





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