Train with us

Altura Coffee provides comprehensive barista training for staff on how to sling the perfect coffee every time. Barista training covers general workstation preparation, the making of coffee, coffee machine maintenance, latte art, dialing in espresso and some tricks of the trade we have picked up on our journey!

What's in it for you?

• Coffee On Arrival
• Unlimited Beans & Milk To Practice With During The Class
• 250g Bag Of Coffee To Take Home
• Certificate Of Completion

barista makiing coffee at coffee machine

Barista Basics

Cost: $300

Designed for both entry level and experienced baristas to learn the industry standard in coffee preparation required get behind the coffee machine. 3 hours At the Altura Coffee Roastery or your venue.

  • Introduction to espresso coffee: History and coffee production
  • Coffee extraction: Getting that perfect shot every time
  • Understanding the coffee beverage menu
  • Milk steaming techniques and coffee presentation
  • Cleaning and maintenance of espresso making equipment
Altura Coffee cups being cupped sitting on a table

Advanced Espresso

Cost: $200

Level up! Start serving the best tasting espressos. A guide to unlocking flavours, dialling in new coffees, and understanding the extraction process. This is an advance class for individuals with prior knowledge of espresso extraction. 2 hours at the Altura Coffee Roastery or your venue

  • A guide into tasting espresso
  • How coffee processing methods influence taste
  • Dialling in coffee, creating recipes, and working with Bew ratios
  • Coffee extraction in detail: What is TDS? Maximising espresso extraction yield
  • Manipulating variables for maximum taste
Altura Coffee cappuccino with latte art

Latte Art Techniques

Cost: $200

Need some help with presentation? Our latte art class will equip you with the foundational elements of latte art. 2 hours at the Altura Coffee Roastery or at your venue.

  • Perfect milk every time
  • Latte art basics
  • The 8 latte art techniques
Altura coffee domestic espresso machine

Home Barista – Set Up, Espresso, Latte Art & Basics

Cost: $175

Create perfect barista made coffee at home. Covering all the essentials needed to master your morning brews! Fun, interactive training tailored to your experience level. 1.5 hours. At your home or bring your machine and grinder to the roastery.

  • Dialling in and setting up your machine and grinder
  • How to extract the perfect shot
  • Steaming milk
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cleaning and maintenance of your equipment
Altura coffee alternative brewing methods

Alternative brewing methods

Cost: $100
Want to make amazing coffee at home using your stove top, V60, Cemex or Aeropress? Learn how to use brew ratios and recipes to maximise flavour and make constantly great coffee at home. 45 minutes via phone or video call or bring your favourite brewer to the roastery.

  • Tailored training specific to you needs
  • Written instructional guides