Airscape 1kg Coffee Storage

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Airscape 1kg "Airtight" Coffee Storage Canister Extends the Life of your Perishables

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AirScape® 1kg coffee and food storage canister with patented lid is a revolutionary storage system that actively removes air to protect the freshness and flavour of your favourite coffee.

Airspace is unique in that it forces air out rather than sealing it in, which helps to extend the life of things like coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, nuts and more. It is also very durable, being made of restaurant-grade stainless steel and featuring BPA-free clear top lids so you can always see what’s inside. Plus, the AirScape® inner lid makes an exciting “swooshing” sound when pushed down! AirScape has become a go-to for storing perishable goods that need extra protection from air exposure.

Airscape® Patented Oxygen-Free Coffee Container

Airscape® technology seals your stored products in a tight, oxygen-free container. To activate the two-way valve and drive out air from within, press down on the patented plunger lid, then flip the handle to lock it all away – allowing you an increased shelf life that will keep your food fresher for longer!

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Airscape Large Coffee Storage Canister: Matte White