El Salvador Himalaya Supernatural Supersonic Single Origin Coffee

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Located on soft, volcanic clay within the Apaneca Mountains of El Salvador, Finca Himalaya cultivates much of their coffee under shade grown conditions. Sixth generation coffee farmer Mauricio and his team use cypress and pine trees to provide a habitat for bees, rabbits, butterflies and a wide variety of birdlife. The plantation use African drying beds, partly shaded from the wind, to slowly dry the coffee and ensure an even and controlled drying process. El Salvador single origin coffee has been grown on the farm since 1875, and it has a reputation within El Salvador for being the first ‘specialty coffee farm’ in the country.

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Coffee profile
  • Origin: El Salavdor
  • Varietal: Bourbon/Pacas
  • Process: Supernatural
  • High Altitude: 1500 -1600 MASL
  • Grading/Score: 88. Specialty Single Origin Coffee.

El Salvador Himalaya Supernatural Supersonic Single Origin Coffee

Mauricio Salaverria’s company ‘Divisadero Café Farms’ oversees the operations at all of his farms across the regions of El Salvador. Mauricio himself is a sixth generation coffee producer.

At Finca Himalaya, coffee cherries are picked, hand sorted and floated to remove unripe or over-ripe cherries. The cherries are then stacked in thick piles to increase temperature, which helps to intensify sweetness and fruit quality, while being shade-dried to maintain better control over the drying process. During this time the cherries are also turned over every few hours to ensure that just the right amount of fermentation occurs within the fruit.

Around 3-5 days later, the piles are thinned out to assist the reduction in moisture content during the day, before being stacked again and cocooned in plastic sheets to maintain warmer temperatures in the fruit for a few hours into the evening. This process continues for 6-12 days before reverting to a more standard process for natural coffees: leaving the cherries spread out thinly and drying for 15-25 days. Through this extensive process, Mauricio and his team are able to create a unique flavour experience and enhance different qualities in different lots.

coffee farmer in El Salvador with single origin coffee

Mauricio Salaverría

Mauricio’s El Salvador single origin coffee grows under shade, and he also has a multi-layered drying area, so coffees can be dried on the top layer in full sun or on the lower layer under shade to slow the drying time. Mauricio is known for taking great care through all steps of production. Each lot from his farm is tracked by harvest date and his processing facilities are immaculate. He is driven by a desire to take good care of the local environment, using rainwater for his washed process coffee, and reusing the skin of the coffee cherries after they’re pulped to produce a delicious cascara tea from his Bourbon and Pacamara varietal.