Pai Mu Tan Loose Leaf Tea

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Pai Mu Tan is a white tea that is rich in antioxidants with a tasty delicate flavour

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Pai Mu Tan loose leaf tea is a gentle and delicate white tea, one of the finest and most sought-after teas in the world. Pai Mu Tan starts with small, young tea leaves that are plucked soon after the new growths emerge in springtime. After being handpicked in the Fujian region of China, Pai Mu Tan is withered, rolled, and left to dry naturally without further oxidation or fermenting. This results in a unique cup of tea that has a bright exquisite colour, mellow taste, and sweet floral aroma.

Pai Mu Tan only needs to steep for 3-5 minutes before it's ready to enjoy - providing an excellent way to start any morning or wind down any evening. Try Pai Mu Tan today and discover why it's arguably one of the best teas ever created!

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