La Marzocco GB5X Espresso Machine

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The La Marzocco GB5X Coffee Espresso Machine is known for its superior craftsmanship, efficiency, and burr speed.

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La Marzocco products are designed with quality and barista functions in mind, making La Marzocco coffee machines stand out from other brands. The La Marzocco GB5X has the power to pull shots at a record-breaking pace without compromising the espresso’s taste. Additionally, La Marzocco’s patented digital technology allows users to store settings and recipes for consistent results every time.

Investing in a La Marzocco GB5X means you can have world-class espresso drinks with ease right at home.

The GB5 X brings an old-world charm to any cafe with its classic design and iconic white logos and lilies. But don't be fooled--it also packs a punch, featuring La Marzocco's top-of-the line electronics, temperature stability technology, plus convenient hot water economiser settings for enhanced performance. It even has dual boilers allowing you to customise the brewing temperatures on each group of the machine; offering unparalleled consistency in quality that meets all expectations!

You'll be in coffee-making luxury with La Marzocco's elegant ABR configured GB5 X. This new generation espresso coffee machine is equipped with revolutionary scale technology and a water sensor to monitor the quality of your brew, all without any external testing tools - making sure you get that perfect cup every time.

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