Green Monkey Loose Leaf Tea

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Experience the exquisite flavour of Altura's premium hand rolled Green Tea

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Hand rolled green tea is truly a remarkable and unique beverage. With hand rolling, the tea leaves are hand plucked and hand crafted into a shape that looks like sea shells with delicate ridges. Once brewed, hand rolled green tea has a crisp and grassy flavour and often offers surprising notes of sweetness. Those who seek to experience the full flavor of hand rolled green tea should never be too hasty. Take your time, savour each sip and feel the soothing nature of this special drink flow through you. A cup of hand rolled green tea is truly an exceptional treat for all senses!

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is becoming increasingly popular due to its numerous benefits for the body. It has the potential to help some people with weight loss, improving physical performance, and lowering blood pressure. Green tea may also have a positive effect on one's mental health, providing benefits such as relaxation and reducing stress. Besides helping improve overall well-being and health, green tea can also provide benefits for your skin . A holistic green tea may be a good alternative for those looking for an alternative caffeine drink in the morning. With all its benefits, Green tea surely should be stocked in your pantry for a healthy brew that is flavoursome too.

Green Monkey Hand Rolled Green Tea

A hand rolled tea with many silver tips that produces a honey gold infusion and exquisite flavour

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