Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

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Enjoy Altura's Earl Grey tea - a remarkable loose leaf Indian black tea

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Earl Grey loose leaf tea has been a favorite of tea enthusiasts since the 19th century. This classic English blend combines a unique flavour and aroma, coming from black and Ceylon teas with a distinctive citrus oil essence. Loose earl grey tea provides a much more complex and rich flavour profile compared to earl grey found in regular bags. The leaf size of loose earl grey allows for fuller infusion, unlocking all the subtle flavours that traditional earl grey offers.

Brewing the perfect cup of Earl Grey Tea

When brewing this type of tea it is important not to over steep, as earl grey can become bitter too quickly if the steeping process is prolonged. This delicious blend pairs wonderfully with cream or milk and some honey or sugar, making it the perfect beverage whether you are celebrating special occasions or simply looking to relax with a delicious cup of tea.

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