Crem EX3 Espresso Machine

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Introducing the revolutionary EX3 from Crem espresso - an attractive and highly customisable professional machine. This advanced piece of equipment was meticulously designed with your business needs in mind, no matter how big or small. From technical specs to external options like colouring, lighting and finishes; this innovative concept has it all! Baristas will enjoy the ergonomic design that puts user experience first giving you optimal results every time – a uniqure proposition for any establishment requiring quality espresso drinks.

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Introducing The Crem EX3 Espresso Machine

The EX3 is aimed to suit any kind of business with an espresso demand, whether it is a small café or a big coffee shop chain.

Ergonomics and user experience have been also key on this project. Following Crem espresso standards of performance, the EX3 features CREM highly tested technologies in order to deliver a superior in cup quality.

The Crem EX3 is customisable with a wide range of options including:

  • Keypad: Control or Display (PID controlled)
  • Group height: Standard or Take Away (High Group)
  • Pressure gauge: Standard or double.
  • Steam / HW Controls & Levers: knobs or levers in black, white or wooden (oak, walnut) finishings.
  • Extra wand (except Mini 1GR)
  • Colours: wide range of colour and combinations available.
  • Body covers: oak, walnut, brushed aluminum
  • Barista lights

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Our team of experts can assist you to select a suitable espresso machine, whether you're purchasing for home, or for commercial use. If you would like to view, discuss or receive guidance from us, get in touch and our friendly team would be happy to help!