Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Altura Coffee's Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate has been crafted from a specialty blend of four carefully selected single origins, sourced and roasted for optimal cold brew extraction. With origins hailing from Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya & Honduras this blend creates a rich and satisfying base, making it an excellent choice for a variety of coffee creations. The roasting process is tailored specifically for cold brew, ensuring the perfect flavour profile!
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Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Your Cold Brew Dreams Have Been Answered! Escape The Heat With Altura Coffee's Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Brewed For 24 Hours, Using Only Specialty Coffee & Filtered Water. No Preservatives Added. Serve Chilled Over Ice With Your Favourite Milk Or Tonic, Stir & Enjoy!

bottle of cold brew coffee

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate FAQ

How Much Should I Use?

We suggest approximately 30mls of cold brew as a good base recipe. We always aim for 1 part cold brew, to two parts milk/tonic/water.

What Does Cold Brew Taste Like?

Strong & Smooth, with no bitter after taste. This is a concentrate however, best enjoyed with a milk or your other favourite mixer.

How Long Does It Last?

Upon opening, store in the fridge for up to 1 month.

Should I Keep My Cold Brew In The Fridge?


Do You Supply Cold Brew Wholesale?

We sure do! Reach out via our contact from and we love to chat more.

Can I Use Cold Brew In Cooking or Baking?

Absolutely! Our cold brew can be used for cooking or baking treats such as tiramisu.

Does It Work As A Base For Espresso Martini?

Sure does! Trust us, we tried it!