Chinese Souchong Tea

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Souchong Tea is a traditional Chinese Black tea flavoured with the smoke of the China Fir tree root.

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China Tary Souchong Tea is known for its unique and fragrant aroma. As it is made from larger tea leaves, China Tary Souchong Tea has much stronger flavour than most black or green teas. Also, Chinese Souchong Tea is often the basis for many of China's most widely enjoyed milk teas and bubble teas. In fact, Souchong Tea is the preferred base for many specialised Chinese drinks, including such favourite herbs as chrysanthemum tea and Narcissus flower tea.

Not only does Souchong Tea provide strong flavour profiles and inviting aromas that enhance these drinks, but it also has more subtle flavours that make it a great choice for those who are looking to enjoy a delicate cup of tea. Whether sipping hot or iced teas made with Chinese Loose Leaf Souchong Tea, the result will be an enjoyable experience.

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