HLF 2700

$8,140.00 (incl. GST)

The HLF 2700 suits a variety of commercial spaces and is optioned to suit teams that require anywhere from a few to over a hundred and fifty cups per day.

Up to 150+ Cups a day Capacity
Innovative 10” touch screen able to display 4-10 Beverage sections with up to 3 different cup sizes. Able to upload promotional images and videos.

Pro Milk System producing the ultimate sweet and silky-smooth microfilmed milk. Offering complete adjustment for each beverage temperature, texture and aeration.

WIFI Capabilities enabling Telemetry and HLF Remote Control System which allows full control of the machine remotely to perform resets, software upgrades, beverage adjustments, uploading videos and images and viewing fault logs, selection counts and cleaning cycles.

Self Cleaning with a built-in cleaning agent tank, the HLF 2700is able to clean itself according to the setting saved in the internal calendar.

HLF 2700 Brochure

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