Brazil Bom Jesus Single Origin Coffee

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Coffee profile
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Farm: Bom Jesus Farm
  • Varietal: Red Mundo Novo
  • Process: Natural
  • Altitude: 950-1,180 MASL

Brazil Bom Jesus Single Origin

Flavia and Gabriel are responsible for farming this beautiful coffee. Their ancestors’ have been growing coffee for nearly 150 years in the Alta Mogiana region, Sao Paulo. Sons Lucas and Gabriel Jr, have now taken over responsibility of the farm, becoming the sixth generation to run the farm. Bom Jesus is one of the highest quality coffees produced on the farm. With a profile of chocolate, caramel, grapefruit and vanilla bean; we are loving Bom Jesus.

Bom Jesus Farm

The Bom Jesus farm has been awarded in local and national competitions as one of the best coffees from Alta Mogiana region. The care and passion for producing high quality coffee has been inherited by Flavia and Gabriel son’s Lucas and Gabriel. Using traditional methods for drying coffee, Bom Jesus is known by its unique coffee flavour and delivers caramel and sweetness to any coffee cup it has been part of.

In 2008, they’ve launched GIMA (The Intercity Games for the Environment), a project that aims to promote social and environmental responsibility and to create environmental awareness for younger generations. In 2017, GIMA celebrated its 10th edition and reunited more than 900 children from 5 surrounding towns, to celebrate life and spread love.