YE Arabica Mocca Matari (Microlot)


Matari Mocha coffee is unique to all other types of coffee. Within recent years, the Matari Mocha coffee has built a reputation for quality and an exclusive flavor in the coffee industry.

The producing region of this microlot coffee is known as Bani Matar, situated to the west of Yemen. The region is approximately 1800- 2500 MASL and receives and average of 600-900mm of rainfall.

Matari coffee is planted in Bani Matar valleys and villages, such as Bogl’an Valley, Beit Al-Razki and Al-Gudmah. The coffee crop is handpicked from December to January and dried on rooftops within the villages.

In 2007 a dam was established in Bani Matar, in an attempt to provide aid to coffee growers and increase productivity within the industry.

This is a true specialty coffee, a microlot & one to not be missed!






1800-2500 MASL

Tasting Notes:

Tropical Fruit, Citrus, Mango, Papaya, Mandarin, Orange

Size: 500g, 1000g

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