TZ Kilimanjaro AA


The uniquely fertile area surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, is among the best regions in the world for the cultivation of Arabica, the queen of the coffee beans. Such a high-quality product naturally incurs high demand. This estate places a great emphasis on quality coffee and innovation within the industry.

The entire farm is equipped with a drip-line irrigation system. It allows regular irrigation in short intervals, by which the time and frequency of flowering can be steered and regulated. In addition, a constant water and nutrient uptake of the trees is ensured so that the fruits can develop without disturbance.

Even when fertilizing the coffee trees, the drip-line irrigation is extremely efficient and effective. It allows the fertilizer to be placed directly at the root so that the tree can absorb it immediately. In addition to the advantages for the coffee quality, the drip-line irrigation is also of interest from an economic point of view. The saving in water consumption is about 60% compared to conventional irrigation methods.

Mount Kilimanjaro provides optimal climatic and geographic conditions for coffee production: nutrient-rich volcanic soil, access to numerous springs, rivers and a moderate tropical mountain climate with stable temperatures between day and night as well as summer and winter.

This is a true specialty coffee & one to not be missed!




Fully Washed


1050-1400 MASL

Tasting Notes:

Milk Chocolate, Raisins, Blackcurrant

Size: 500g, 1000g

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Roast Profile

Dark Roast, Medium Roast