DO Juncalito Cibao Altura


The region of Juncalito, is one of the newest and most advanced coffee growing regions in Dominican Republic; harvested by Bruno and Miguel Tejada.

Approximately 95% of the plantations here are planted with the, Caturra bean, grown under direct sun. Only 50% of the production here can be processed for this specialty coffee.

Neighboring these plantations, is the highest mountain in the Caribbean, locally known as Cibao, thus forming the name of this fantastic single origin.

Coffee here is grown on small holder farms by farmers like Eusebio, Rubio, Melaneo and Jose-Ramon; all hailing from a strong family history of coffee farming. Due to increased education and a greater understanding of the coffee process, we can be sure that only the ripest cherries are being handpicked and de-pulped for further processing. Ensuring greater quality from bean to cup.


Dominican Republic




1100-1200 MASL

Tasting Notes:

Milk Chocolate, Prunes, Walnuts

Size: 500g, 1000g

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